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Will my insurance pay for this?

Possibly.  I am in network with BCBS and Gilsbar insurance. This means that I am in network with many of their plans, but not all.  When you call to make an appointment with me, if you are looking to go through your insurance, we will get your information to verify your benefits. We will then call you to discuss what your expected cost will be. 


Additionally, insurance will only pay for services that are medically necessary to treat a diagnosable illness.  This means that if your reason for counseling is not causing enough distress to warrant a diagnosis, insurance will not cover your treatment.


If you are coming in for counseling for personal improvement without a diagnosable illness, insurance will not cover this.  This doesn’t mean that personal growth is unimportant, or that I do not offer counseling services for it-  only that insurance will not pay for it. If you are interested in counseling simply as a way to learn more about yourself and become the best version of yourself, I would be happy to discuss private pay rates with you.


If you have insurance that you would like to use but I am not in network, I recommend that you contact your insurance company and ask about your out of network benefits for mental health. Some insurance companies reimburse a percentage of your fee if you see an out of network provider. If this is the case, you would pay a private pay rate here, and send a form that I will give you to your insurance company for reimbursement.  The reimbursement issue then becomes between you and your insurance company, rather than between you and me.


What are private pay rates?

Private pay rates are rates that you pay if you are not using insurance to pay for your services here.  My private pay rates are as follows:


Initial intake: $300

Up to 30-minute session (therapy or medication management): $100

45-minute session (therapy or medication management): $150

55 minutes session (therapy or medication management): $175

Combining services (i.e. therapy and medication management) adds $50 to the cost of any session

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