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Let's Work Together

Reduce the hold that depression and anxiety has on you:

  • identify and challenge negative thinking

  • recognize and change behaviors that make bad feelings worse

  • practice new strategies to feel happier and more satisfied with life


Achieve better work/life balance

  • learn to set and maintain boundaries with others

  • be present in the moment to maximize time at work and home

  • prioritize, delegate, and let go of what you can't control and is not your responsibility


Prevent stress and anger from interfering with your life:

  • learn your body's cues for stress and anger

  • use physiological ways to calm yourself down earlier

  • change angry and stressed thinking

  • communicate clearly to get what you want

It isn't enough just to come and talk 50 minutes a week. The way people get better is by making small changes in their thinking and behavior every day.  - Judith S. Beck, Ph.D.

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