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How long are sessions?

The length of each session varies depending on the service provided and whether services are combined. Initial appointments are generally 90 minutes.  After that, counseling sessions range from 45 to 55 minutes.


How long are people usually in counseling?

That depends on you. Some people only need a few counseling sessions before they feel better; however, many stay in counseling for several months or up to a year. Occasionally, people stay longer than that, depending on what they are struggling with. It is also not uncommon for people to take a break from counseling when they no longer need it and return later to process something new.


How often do we meet for counseling?

This varies also. Most people find that meeting weekly works best at the beginning until their situation stabilizes or they make enough progress that they have clear goals in between sessions. Then we move to every other week. Once a patient has made progress at that level, we begin to space our counseling sessions further out- monthly, every 6 weeks, every 2 months, etc. depending on what you and I agree on. The eventual goal for all counseling is termination. Counseling does not last forever; my goal is to put myself out of a job with you 😊

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